Developmental Editing

What is a developmental editor?

Developmental editors focus on the content of a story. The goal of developmental editing is to identify potential plotholes, ensure that pacing and tone are appropriate and consistent, and character motivations are believable. I take a holistic approach to this, looking at what works and doesn’t.

My goal is to help the author present the best manuscript they can.

Again, developmental editing focuses on the story. For a more in-depth look at sentence structure and usage, you want to look for a copy or line editor. Even at the completion of the developmental editing process, I recommend hiring a copy or line editor. Again, this is about helping you polish your manuscript.

Genre and Experience:

I focus on editing fantasy stories. My favorite fantasy sub-genres are high fantasy, epic fantasy, and sword and sorcery. Considering the amount of overlap in fantasy themes across sub-genres, I accept any genre of fantasy.

If you feel I am the best editor for your story but it is not fantasy, send me a message and we can discuss your manuscript.

I have been professionally editing since 2017. I have worked on both novels and short stories in fantasy, paranormal romance, and soft science fiction.


Editing is not a cheap process, but that doesn’t mean that the edit has to wreck your budget. My prices are as follows:

Developmental Edits:

$0.01 a word. This includes negotiated resubmissions to ensure changes are appropriate and fit the scene. Please note that intense editing needs may result in a higher fee. This will be discussedĀ before we agree to work with each and will be the result of sample edit.

For all jobs, 25% of the fee will be due upfront. The remaining 75% will be due after successful completion of the editing process.

Payment plans can be made on a case by case basis.

Payment can be made through PayPal.

You can contact me at Please include EDITING REQUEST in the subject line, a brief synopsis of your work, and the first ten pages (or 10% for shorter works) for a sample edit to determine if I am the right editor for you.

Of course, I will not share any part of your work without permission.